Must Go Best Offer! 55K-Mile ’01 Porsche 996 6sp

This 2001 Porsche 911 Carrera (VIN NOT AVAILABLE) has a claimed 55,351 miles and is finished in what appears to be Arctic Silver over Black leather. The seller states, “6 speed. Stored all winter. Very good condition. Must Go Best Offer”. No mention of any IMS/RMS work done with this one. Find this one offered here on Craigslist in Elmira, New York for $16,500.

CL ad saved here in case someone flags it.

Elmira New York. If you’re a Football fan and want to learn more about the first African American Heisman Trophy winner (no it wasn’t Jim Brown), check out “The Express” the story of Syracuse RB Ernie Davis. As for this car, we don’t have a ton of info from the seller, but he appears to be motivated which means an opportunity for a lucky buyer.   

The 2001 Carrera came with a 300HP 3.4L flat-six and is fitted with “E-gas” throttle which was standard in all Carreras save for the ’99 Coupes. Seller doesn’t mention much and we have no VIN to go by, but from the pics, we are seeing a standard Carrera, flared rocker panels and clear head/tail lights. Car is sporting some period correct wheels, perhaps some 19″ Champion’s??

The interior is finished in standard Black leather and is sporting the optional 3-Spoke steering wheel. We’re not seeing any additional options from the limited potato phone pics.

Base Carrera, 300 HP, 6speed, RWD and only 55K miles. If you’re looking for a nicer entry into 911 ownership, this appears to be your car. Why pay $22K+ for this same quality car on BringaTrailer or PcarMarket? Get that IMS work done and enjoy those miles of smiles, haters be damned. The perfect firstflatsix. 

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