Boxster Red Leather! 49K-Mile ’01 Porsche 996 Carrera 6sp

This 2001 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 (VIN WP0AA29951S622100) has a claimed 49,990 miles and is finished in a beautiful “Arctic Silver” over “Boxster Red” special leather interior. The seller states, “Needs nothing. Ready to enjoy”. No mention of any IMS/RMS work. Find this one offered here on Craigslist in Albuquerque, New Mexico Minnesota for $17,900.

Original Craigslist ad saved here in case someone swipes it before you read this.

Boxster Red interior folks!!! Better hurry with this one.

 We here at firstflatsix think it looks fantastic even though it doesn’t appear to be full leather. This car is also fitted with the 993 style 4 spoke wheel, Dark wood trim, PSM and the technic package (CD player, Litronic and headlight washers).

Excuse the listing pics (they’re awful). The exterior is finished in “Arctic Silver” and is showing a few scuffs. Car is sporting 17″ Boxster twists with colored crests with no info on the tires.

The 2001 Carrera came with a 300HP 3.4L flat-six and is fitted with “E-gas” throttle which was standard in all Carreras save for the ’99 Coupes. In lieu of the LSD that was only available with the 99 C2’s (and 40th Anny cars) this beauty is equipped with PSM, which is a nice consolation prize.

Get a Carfax/Autocheck and don’t forget that PPI! This is the kind of car you buy as an entry to 911 ownership. Lower mileage, maintained and rare color option. Spend $3K, getting the IMS/RMS/Clutch work, Spend $1K on a detail/paint correction and we think you still have loads of room in the equity department. Make this Boxster Red beauty your firstflatsix!

5 thoughts on “Boxster Red Leather! 49K-Mile ’01 Porsche 996 Carrera 6sp”

  1. I did a PPI on this car and it needs a laundry list of work, cam deviation way out of spec, parts of the interior trim were painted with a paint brush, looked horrible.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Rick! Sounds typical for a car of this vintage, they dont seem like showstoppers. Was the owner willing to negotiate down?

      1. I didn’t even make an offer. Seller was not honest with his description of the car. PPI saved me $8-10k. Not typical of a car for this vintage. Parts of the interior trim were painted with a paint brush over what appeared to be glue? Picture below. Also painted around the vents and instrument cluster. Sloppy and blotchy. Totally bizarre, never seen anything like it. Let me put it this way, even SW Vintage passed on the flip!

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