Call the Cops! 56K-Mile 1999 Porsche 996 Carrera 6sp

This 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera (VIN NOT AVAILABLE) has a claimed 56,000 miles on the clock and is finished in ether Ocean or Midnight Blue over Savannah Beige leather.  The seller states, “Owned for 18 years and hate to sell but have kids now and don’t drive it enough”. Find this one offered here on here on in Washington, Virginia for $15,000.

Total steal here folks. 1999 mean dual row bearing, cable connected throttle and the 4 spoke wheel. Can’t tell from the pics, but this could have the LSD option as well. Under 60K miles, and all for a $15K ask? Wire the money. 

The ad is very Craigslisty, as the pics are awful and there isn’t a lot of info given. From the minimal number of awful photos on the exterior we are spying Litronic headlamps and 18″ Turbo look wheels. There are no amber lenses, so late model ’99 here. 

On the interior we spy a Savannah Beige standard leather comfort seats, 4 spoke 993 style wheel and an aftermarket audio system. The interior presents very nicely and not worn at all. The custom audio setup looks professional as well.

The ’99 Carreras came with 296Hp stock and the much loved cable connected throttle (only year for this). We can’t confirm this car is/isn’t equipped with the rare factory LSD, but even if it doesn’t have it,  it is presenting as a really good value here. No mention of any IMS/RMS work, so budget that in accordingly (and a new clutch) with any negotiation (or don’t because the price is right as is). Don’t forget that PPI. Make this classic Carrera your firstflatsix.

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