For the Wide Hip Lovers! 33K-Mile ’04 996 Carrera 4S 6sp

This 2004 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (VIN WP0AA29974S620868) has a claimed 33,866 miles and is finished in Arctic Silver over Black full leather. The seller states, “flawless condition, one owner since 2006, well optioned”. No info regarding the IMS/RMS. Find this one offered here on Craigslist in Boston, MA for $28,900.

Craigslist ad here in case someone flags it.

If you are in the market for a C4S we haven’t seen a 30K mile C4S listed this cheap in a LONG time. Get on it. This was a well optioned C4S with an MSRP of $96K. Not the most exciting color combo, but looks like a quality buy on paper.

The Carrera 4S or C4S for short, was first introduced in 1994 in the US market. Porsche took a bunch of unsold 964 3.6L Turbo chassis assemblies and created the 964 Carrera Turbo-look. They then did the same thing with the 993 to create the Carrera 4S Coupe. Rinse and repeat, and here we are with the 996 version.

For the 996 version, Porsche added a full width rear reflector and removed the side air intakes. Essentially, the C4S is a Turbo without the turbocharged “Mezger” engine and side air intakes. The C4S’s came with the same naturally aspirated 3.6L flat-six that was good for 320HP that was found in every other base (996.2) Carrera. Not much info from the seller regarding maintenance, but check the Carfax, it may have some entries.  No word on any IMS/RMS work, but this is so cheap, it shouldn’t deter you from buying.

Factory build sheet is showing some nice options. Not really sure what’s up with that wing though, we’re not fans. The Sport Technos and Litronic Headlamps are nice to have.

The interior is finished in Black Full Supple Leather (dash and door cards) and heated  seats with deviated stitching.

A lot of folks prefer the widebody Turbo looks as compared to the base narrow-body Carrera. Others prefer the AWD for all year driving in colder areas. Whatever the reason, this is priced under market. The IMS/RMS/Clutch work is about $2500-$3500 so you’re already a winner even paying full ask. Don’t forget that PPI! Make this cheap 4S, your firstflatsix.

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