Smoking Deal! 32K-Mile 1999 Porsche 996 6sp

10/23/2018 UPDATE: Being flipped at a dealer in Tampa for $27,995 here

10/18/2018 UPDATE: Gone. If SWVintage flips this car on BAT I’m going to scream.

This 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera (VIN WP0AA2996XS626648) has a claimed 37,200 miles on the clock and is finished in Ocean Blue Metallic over Graphite Gray leather.  The seller states, “Let’s Negotiate”. The IMS/RMS has not been done. Find this one offered  here on Craigslist in St. Petersberg, Florida for $23,000.

Craiglist ad here, in case it gets swooped up tonight before you finish reading

Someone wire this owner money ASAP! Did you get a chance to check out the PCA story on why the 1999 Carrera is the one to have? Have you been reading for a while, because we have been saying this since our very first post! This appears to be a PRISTINE low mileage 996 Carrera, with a LOW ASK and the seller says there is still room. This wont last through the evening I am sure. We have said this 106X but I will repeat it for the new readers, we REALLY like the simplicity of the narrowbody 996 Carrera. In particular the 99’s because of the cable connected throttle and the optional factory Limited Slip Differential. Unfortunately, this particular car does NOT have the LSD (but thats ok, because it’s still amazing). 

This car appears to be in immaculate condition. Modern enough, but still brings the nostalgic feelings of the 993, READ THE PCA story. We don’t spy many exterior options at all, we’re just seeing the 18″ Sport Design wheels and Litronic Headlamps. Paint looks fantastic.

As for the interior, we spy Graphite Grey FULL leather (dash, door cards and rear seats) powered comfort seats, and a 3 spoke steering wheel. The option code sticker is pictured in the ad. It has a lot more options, but those are the major ones.

This car is perfect spec. 296Hp, 6sp, cable throttle AND super low mileage. Make sure to run a CarFax and don’t forget the PPI. Remember the 99’s have the stronger dual row IMS bearing that had a lower failure rate than the later single row bearings. We’d still get it swapped for peace of mind though. Make this classic Carrera your firstflatsix before a dealer buys sight unseen to flip!

4 thoughts on “Smoking Deal! 32K-Mile 1999 Porsche 996 6sp”

  1. I’m 90% sure I tried to buy this car before it was in the st pete area. Same color/miles/price but the owner told me on the phone the A/C didn’t work and being in Florida I didn’t want to deal with that as it was priced too high to have to fix the A/C immediately (this was in the middle of summer).

    1. Michael, yeah a dealer in the Tampa/St Pete is now flipping the car for $27K last i checked. Your’re like the 3rd reader to have given me some info regarding the car. Was a deal at 23K, at 27K plus IMS/RMS work you’re paying over retail. Hard PASS. Good luck with your search, thanks for following!

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