Speed Yellow Targa! 63K-Mile Porsche 996 Carrera 6sp

This 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa (VIN WP0BA299X3S635075) has a claimed 63,159 miles and is finished in Speed Yellow Metallic over Black standard leather. No additional info from the selling dealer, and no word on any IMS/RMS work. Find this one offered here on Cars.com in Brentwood, TN for $23,570.


I do believe this is the first Targa to be featured on firstflatsix. We generally stick to the enthusiast grade 996’s (sorry Cab, Targa and Tip owners) but this one is too wacky to skip. We sift through LOTS of 996 listings and don’t think we have ever come across a Targa that wasn’t black or silver. A lot of folks claim the Targa ruins the lines of the 996, but this is a SPEED YELLOW Targa, craziness.

2003 was the 2nd year for the updated/facelifted 996. The narrowbody base Carrera had underbody fittings for improved aerodynamics, front and rear bumpers were restyled, but most importantly Porsche gave the Carrera the Turbo’s updated headlights with standard bi-Xenon lamps (no more Boxster look!).

The Targa debuted in 2002 for the 996. It’s fitted with a full panoramic  tinted glass roof which allows the driver to feel the wind and sun. While it does retain much of the integral strength of the coupe, the glass top and mechanism does add weight, so if you’re looking for a track rat, this isn’t your car. There is no widebody, turbo or Carrera 4 version of the Targa, just simple narrow-body goodness. Bonus, your 911 is now a hatchback!

The wheels on this car are aftermarket and the car is definitely sporting a lowered suspension. Take a closer look to see if they are quality parts as opposed to cheap Chinese aftermarket parts.

This Carrera sports a 3.6L M96/03 type producing 320HP. These engines came with a new VariocamPlus system and a new DME that mimics the Turbos minus the boost control. Unfortunately, the M96/03 still suffers from the same IMS issues as the M96/02. Not much by way of maintenance records in the Carfax.

The interior is finished in standard “black” partial leather with yellow seatbelts. While the build sheet doesn’t mention Sport Seats, this car does have them, which is a very nice option.

Facelifted, lower mileage 996 Targa with Sport Seats in SPEED YELLOW for only $23,570? We think that’s a SCREAMING buy for something not seen everyday! Don’t forget that PPI! Make this 996 your #firstflatsix

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