Cobalt Blue Beauty!! 21K-Mile Porsche 996 Carrera 6sp

This 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera (VIN WP0AA29982S620567) has a claimed 21,437 miles and is finished in ultra rare and sexy “Cobalt Blue Metallic”. The seller states, “Clean History, Recent Trade-in!”. No info regarding the IMS/RMS. Find this one offered here on in Frederick, Maryland for $26,500.

So what do we think the owner of this Cobalt Blue Beauty traded this for? My guess is a Tacoma. The 911 was a mid life crisis buy, owner falls out of love and wants the comfort and convenience of something bigger. So he buys a double cab taco. Maybe splurges on the TRD Pro. Lets just hope it wasn’t a Desert Sand Mica Camry.

2002 was the 1st year for the updated/facelifted 996. The narrowbody base Carrera had underbody fittings for improved aerodynamics, front and rear bumpers were restyled, but most importantly Porsche gave the Carrera the Turbo’s updated headlights with standard bi-Xenon lamps (no more Boxster look!).

The wheels on this car are 18″ Carrera II’s and are the lightest stock wheel from the factory. No indication of tire wear from the selling dealer.

The face-lifted Carrera’s also got new engines. The original 3.4L M96/02 were all replaced by a single 3.6L M96/03 type producing 320HP. These new engines also came with a new VariocamPlus system and a new DME that mimics the Turbos minus the boost control. Unfortunately, the M96/03 still suffers from the same IMS issues as the M96/02. Unfortunately, the seller makes no mention of any IMS work, so assume this low mileage car is on its’ original and proceed with caution (especially at this low mileage).

The interior is finished in “Graphite Grey” partial leather with heated/powered standard seats.  Additionally this car is equipped with floor mats and the Technic Package (CD player, Litronic and on-board cpu).

Cobalt Blue facelifted 996 with litronic and only 21K miles for $26K. Yes, we understand this is not the CHEAPEST 996, but if you are looking for something other than silver over black then sometimes you gotta pay to play. We think this car is fantastic and would make a great #firstflatsix. Don’t forget that PPI!

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