Early Build w/LSD! 59K-Mile ’99 Porsche 996 6sp

This 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera (VIN WP0AA2991XS626489) has a claimed 59,021 miles on the clock and is finished in the classic 996 colorway Arctic Silver over Black Leather. No mention or any IMS/RMS, work. Find this one offered  here on Autotrader  in Pittsburgh, PA for $17,800.

Yes, ANOTHER Silver/Black 996 Carrera on firstflatsix. We think this one deserves to be highlighted though, which is why it’s here 🙂

The 996.1 came stock with a 3.4 liter flat-six pumping out 296 hp and a cable connected throttle as opposed to the electronic throttle “e-gas” that came standard in 2000+ models. Many drivers prefer the feel of the cable connected pedal to throttle for a more raw visceral feel. From the sellers listing pictures we can see this car is equipped with the factory Limited Slip Differential (LSD) AND the 993 style 4 spoke wheel. That is the holy trinity of early 996’s. Some would argue the Aero is important, but you don’t ever see Pinky with clay models of an Aero 996.

This Carrera is sporting the 18″ 993 Turbo Look wheels with colored crests. No indication of rubber or treadlife.


The early 996’s shared the same assembly line as the legendary 993. As an added bonus here, you get the 993 style 4 spoke steering wheel with this car. You can tell this is an early car because of the graphite console trim. The interior appears to be finished in “Black” partial leather but lacking the full leather (dash and doorcard options) and not seen very often, a center ashtray door that CLOSES!

As I mentioned earlier, pure 996 goodness right here folks. Be sure to ask for a picture of the option codes, run a fresh Carfax/Autocheck and don’t forget that PPI. This Carrera is bound to be someones firstflatsix.

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