Incredible Build Sheet! 50K-Mile Zanzibar Red 996 Carrera 6sp

This 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera (VIN WP0AA29912S620720) has a claimed 49,777 miles and is finished in super RARE “Zanzibar Red” over Black leather. The seller states, “Stunningly special build” and you what, we agree! Bonus, the IMS/RMS work has been taken care of. Find this one offered here on CarGurus in Tampa, Florida for $26,477.

We here at firstflatsix sift through A LOT of 996 listings, a lot of DM’s and a lot of email “tips” from readers/follower/dealers . The “tips” are usually from owners trying to pass along their 996 with an extremely optimistic ask. This car has what we consider to be one of the best builds seen in a base Carrera. Look at the build sheet!! We’d like to buy the original owner of this car a drink, bravo sir!

2002 was the 1st year for the updated/facelifted 996. The narrowbody base Carrera had underbody fittings for improved aerodynamics, front and rear bumpers were restyled, but most importantly Porsche gave the Carrera the Turbo’s updated headlights with standard bi-Xenon lamps (no more Boxster look!). The car is also sporting a sunroof delete because racecar.

The face-lifted Carrera’s also got new engines. The original 3.4L M96/02 were all replaced by a single 3.6L M96/03 type producing 320HP. These new engines also came with a new VariocamPlus system and a new DME that mimics the Turbos minus the boost control. Unfortunately, the M96/03 still suffers from the same IMS issues as the M96/02.

We inquired about the IMS in this car, because we wanted to buy it. The IMS was replaced by a Porsche dealer. Selling dealer has no knowledge of what kind of IMS was used. You can assume the car was replaced with a Porsche bearing, but we’ll leave that to a prospective new owner to determine. The other reason we are posting this and not flying down as we speak to purchase, is because of the unfortunate body damage. The CarFax reports damage to the front and rear panels, and from the pics you can “maybe” see some color mismatch. It could be worse in person. We prefer a no story car, but they say, there’s an ass for every seat”. This car is sure to please. If you can get eyes on, please do.

The interior is finished in “Black” partial leather with color matched back Sport Seats AND deviated stitching. Again, look at that option sheet!!!

Facelifted, lower mileage 996 with an incredible build sheet, IMS replaced and a fantastic color. Thats a buy! Don’t forget the PPI! Make this 996 your #firstflatsix

2 thoughts on “Incredible Build Sheet! 50K-Mile Zanzibar Red 996 Carrera 6sp”

  1. Booo. “No more Boxster look…”

    You mean: “No more GT1 look that purists sadly overlooked on earlier models…”

    1. We love the headlights of the 996.1 AND .2. But most didn’t, which is why Porsche changed them. Just stating facts. 🙂

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