Turbo Tuesday! 17K-Mile Basalt Porsche 996 Turbo 6sp

This 2004 Porsche 911 Turbo (VIN WP0AB29914S685342) has a claimed 16,890 miles and is finished in Basalt Black Metallic over Black full leather. The selling dealer states, “Looks great and runs even better. Let’s Drive!” Remember, no IMS/RMS work needed with the Turbos as they lack the IMS bearing design. Find this one offered here on Cars.com in Greensboro, North Carolina for $59,900.

CarFax is clean folks. Not the most exciting color combo, but still a great ask considering the low collector grade mileage.

2001 saw the introduction of the 996 Turbo. On the exterior, the Turbo body was widened 65mm at the rear and a new moving rear wing was designed to improve lift busting.

The front-end was redesigned with a new bumper designed for better road holding and downforce and the lights were reworked after all the complaining customers did because the 911 couldn’t be distinguished from the “pedestrian” Boxster. 

This Turbo appears to be a pretty base spec. From the build sheet, the only options are the Basalt Metallic paint (was an upcharge) and the heated full leather seats. We actually prefer our 996’s to have minimal options anyhow.

 This 996 Turbo sports the M96/70 twin-turbo charged, DOHC engine good for 420 HP with updated VariocamPlus and DME. Porsche couldn’t fit the intercooler on top of the engine, like in previous iterations, so it was split into two and mounted on each side of the engine. The cooling is supplied through the ducts to the rear of the doors (thus widebody).

The interior is finished in “Black” with the full leather treatment. As mentioned earlier just heated seats and some lumbar support.

These 996 Turbos offer exotic levels of performance for not much money these days. The asks on these cars are getting pretty ridiculous. We are seeing low mileage examples like this with asks of mid-high 60’s and even some in the 70’s. While we don’t think this car is a “steal” as the current ask, if you’re in the market for a low mileage collector grade no story car, this appears to foot the bill.  Ask for a PPI! And please don’t forget the DME printout. Make this turbo your #firstflatsix 

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